1. threnodyinvelvet:

    From yesterday’s shoot at Dan Tidswell Photography ’s new studio http://visittheloft.co.uk/

    Latex by the uber awesome Westward Bound 

    It has been a few months I think since we saw the lovely Morgana on my Tumblr weblog. This is a particularly good picture and it reminds me that I haven’t worked with her for a year now so I need to come up with a new project!


  2. Listening to The Bodice Rippers while searching for this photograph by the very talented girltripped. Do go and see some of her other work!

  3. As Yet Untitled

    My third commissioned work by the fantastic artist Christiane, who is probably more widely known on Tumblr as the model Ulorin Vex. I am so very pleased with this where I gave her freedom to produce whatever she wanted for me with a couple of small items that have a personal connection added at my request. Great result!

    Photograph of framed artwork reproduced here with the permission of the artist

  4. abigaillarson:

    "Morella" by Edgar Allan Poe

    Great drawing by Abigail Larson; well worth looking at her other work! This is especially for Harriet who is fond of pictures of women reading. It could be a suitable artwork for the band My Dying Bride.


  6. Tatra Mountains

    …Infrared 5… by canismaioris on deviantART

    Do go and see more of her work, there are some fabulous pictures on her DeviantArt site.

  7. my-ear-trumpet:

    Half Man Half Biscuit - If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day

    Give a philosophy student a glass of limeade and he will say: “is this a glass of limeade?” and “if so, why is it a glass of limeade?” and, after a while, he’ll die of thirst

    Re-posted especially for Lady Carolyn

    (Source: youtube.com)

  8. Pergola at The Hill

    Part of the famous pergola that used to belong to Inverforth House and is now, I am pleased to say, open to all of us in London.

  9. A solitary fern photographed against the waters of the Braan. Scotland, New Year 2013

  10. Sand dunes on Mars

    A fabulous picture of a formation of “V-shaped” sand dunes in a large crater near Mawrth Vallis.This picture was taken last year by NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The instrument providing this image was the HiRISE camera

    Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

  11. The U7 light railway about to leave Ostfildern-Nellingen for central Stuttgart. I think at this terminus stop I was the only passenger this morning. Stuttgart has a Stadtbahn running on standard gauge which replaced an older 1m gauge line. In some places you can still see both tracks (one common shared rail).

  12. Cement Slippers

    The splendid Dengue Fever whom I have featured before but not recently. Get up and dance!

  13. Heron collecting nesting material. Photographed this morning n Regents Park, London

    D7000 with Sigma 100-300 F4 APO zoom lens

  14. Truly amazing work by the German designer Jule Waibel. Origami dresses! Fabulous work and very stylish too.

  15. Sunset in London seen from Primrose Hill

    Taken about a year ago, the two “planets” are aircraft