1. in dreams…. by RebecaSaray

    Stunning and somehow disturbing too. The model is Anastasiya Gerasimova.

  2. A hoverfly on a knapweed.

  3. Early morning dew on a spider’s web surrounding a thistle. Another one from my recent Scottish holiday.

  4. Cygnus flying over birch trees.

    The summer milky way seen from central Scotland this week. Cygnus is clearly visible with the brightest star Deneb, the tail of the swan, near the tree on the left. A 20 s exposure with a fairly wide angle lens at F5 to minimise star-trailing on my fixed tripod mount.

    Here is an excellent amateur photograph of Deneb itself.

  5. The beautiful interior of Kings Cross Station in London seen from the new walkway that crosses over all the platforms in the main train shed. Note how the truly horrible early 1970’s extension to the front has now been completely removed as part of the extensive renovation work that has been ongoing since 2005. I was heading over to Platform 0 (the former taxi rank) to catch a train to Cambridge.

  6. design-is-fine:

    William P. Welsh, cover illustration for Companion, 1931. USA. Source

    Love the graphical beauty here.

    (via my-ear-trumpet)

  7. Bibliophile by Candra

    A lovely drawing of Mephistopheles by Candra, another one for Harriet perhaps?!

    Behemoth’s kitten

  8. books0977:

    Woman reading International Studio. The Studio Almanac, A Magazine of Fine and Applied Art. New York, 1897. J. Walter West (English, 1860-1933).

    West exhibited 17 works at the Royal Academy and four at the Royal Society of British Artists. He was Vice President of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours.

    For Harriet!


  9. Supreme!

    One of the masters of Suprematism, Kasimir Malevich has a major exhibition opening next week at Tate Modern in London. I’m heading off to see it as soon as I can!

    The picture shown is Supremus 58

  10. Rainbow In The Clouds by Heidi-V-Art

    I think these are iridescent and not the much rarer nacreous clouds. They are part of a corona and indicate a very uniform water droplet size diffracting the light from the sun.

  11. http://www.steampunktendencies.com/


    Model : Katiucha Riabenko

    Couture : Gleamnight fashion-studio

    Makeup, hairstyle : Gleamnight

    Photographer : Margarita Kareva

    We don’t often (in fact never!) feature dogs on Morgana’s Cat, but I’m almost converted! Hope my wonderful friend Ms Cornflower sees these; perhaps I can persuade her to model with her two lovely dogs?

  12. londonwarrior:

    Pirate Fashion!!!

    The caption says “pirate” but I think she has a little more in common with Puddles who featured in my previous post. Either way it is a great picture!

  13. The fabulous Postmodern Jukebox! A Lorde song featuring Puddles. Just so good …

  14. Vanishing Point

  15. discardingimages:

    black cats 

    Bestiary, England 13th century.

    Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 533, fol. 13r

    Now what are these friends of mine up to I wonder?